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If you are seeking employment in international trade, Customs or logistics, you will find jobs posted below for all areas of the United States and foreign assignments for those who wish to relocate. Job postings are a combination of listings received from L+A associates, recruiters, and those made available through internet links. For salary information, check out

Employers, who need qualified personnel, can request a listing on our site. A nominal fee of $25 per listing is charged. L+A Associates (former students, teachers, customers) receive a listing discount.

Contact: Tim Leaphart at 510-521-2112 or Email: Career Paths


Global Trade Compliance Analyst, FormFactor, CA - 11/9/2017

Senior Global Trade Compliance Specialist, CA - 11/3/2017

Senior Trade Compliance Specialist, TX - 11/3/2017

VP of Supply Chain, NC - 11/3/2017

Senior Tariff Classification Specialist, MN - 11/3/2017

Transportation Process Improvement, CA - 11/3/2017

TMS Program Manager, CA - 11/3/2017

Logistics Compliance Program Manager, Seagate Technology, CA/CO - 10/27/2017

Logistics Analyst - 10/17/2017

Export/Sanctions Counsel, Varian, CA - 10/17/2017

Export/Sanctions Compliance Analyst, Varian, CA - 10/17/2017

Research Consultant - HTS Classification, Livingston International, CA - 10/17/2017

Senior Tariff Classification Specialist, TX - 10/13/2017

Senior Trade Compliance Specialist Regulatory, MN - 10/13/2017

Senior Trade Compliance Specialist, TX - 10/13/2017

Import Compliance Manager, CA - 10/13/2017

Outbound Logistics Manager, WI - 10/13/2017

Global Export Compliance Manager, CA - 10/13/2017

VP of Supply Chain, NC - 10/13/2017

Customs Compliance Manager, TX - 10/13/2017



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