Placement Exam - 35 Questions/60-90 minutes - Open Book

You will need to use: HTS 2022 Basic Version, 19 CFR, and PDF's and referenced webpages found on the L+A Placement Test webpage.

Individuals, with some import knowledge, may be ready to proceed to the advanced professional CHB Exam Prep Course. This course was created specifically to prepare import specialists to sit for the Customs Broker's exam (CBLE). The CHB Exam Prep Course assumes the student already has a fundmental knowledge of importing, including a basic understanding of Customs procedure and classification skills. This course assumes the student has had on the job experience classifying product in the Harmonized Tariff Schedules (USHTS) and has read "Importing into the US" some 19 CFR and basic Informed Compliance Publications (ICPs).

This placement exam tests your current level of knowledge, and your ability to research, read and analyze government publications in order to make decisions. It will also help you determine if you are truly interested in acquiring a deeper level of professional knowledge that is necessary to pass the Customs Broker's examination.

Upon completion of the placement test, a graded copy will be emailed to you. If you score 50% or higher, you should have sufficient import compliance back-ground to begin preparation for the exam. If you do not score at least 50%, feel free to contact us to review ways to improve your back-ground knowledge to the level needed to start exam preparation.

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