Tutorial Service
If you answer yes to any of these questions:
  • Are you studying alone without the advice of an expert? 
  • Does your study group need a professional advisor? 
  • Do you feel "left behind" by your study group? 
  • Are you an auditory learner and need verbal instruction? 
  • Do you lack "test taking" confidence or need emotional support?  
  • Have you previously studied for the exam and failed? 
  • Would you like to consult a professional regarding your exam results?

Consider Leaphart + Associate's Tutorial Services

  • 1:1 Student to Teacher interaction with Ro Leaphart or Remote Weekly Conference Calls with Renata Pearson's Class in San Francisco.
  • Dialogue with a professional to clarify the finer points
  • Expert assessment, feedback and direction
  • Performance coaching to improve motivation and confidence
  • Receive additional classification, valuation and regulatory exercises
  • Tutorial Level Access* at the Leaphart Learning Center . Gives you access to more Study Tools and LESSON LAB (class room exercises and quizzes).

Enrollment Options:
- Tutorial Service alone: $75 per 1/2 Hour
- CHB Exam Prep eCourse with Special Exam Tutorial: $825.00 - Tutor approval required. Space is limited.
- CHB Exam Prep eCourse with Pearson Monday Night Class Conference Calls: $825.00 - Tutor approval required. Space is limited.
- Special Exam Tutorial: $600 per exam - For active CHB Exam Prep students and renewing students who want tutorial service. Tutor approval required.

Email: Tutorial Service
Telephone: 510-521-2112

*Note: The "Leaphart Learning Center" works optimally on IBM compatible computers with Internet Explorer 11 or greater.



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