The Basics of Importing
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A Complete Introduction To Importing

The Basics of Importing ( 1989-2011 Ro Leaphart ) explains in detail how to import commodities into the United States, from the original financial negotiation to Customs' record-keeping requirements. This independent study course presents the full foundation of importing, with an emphasis on U.S. Customs Service requirements and practical procedural applications. An introduction to the Customs Regulations and Harmonized Tariff Schedules is also included. Additional assignments are presented for those who are considering customs brokerage as a career or who want to begin the process of gaining knowledge for the licensing exam.

Guided Lesson Study

There are six lessons, each prefaced with a lesson study guide section. The study guide is divided into two levels:

  1. Primary assignment - this comprises the core reading for anyone who wants to understand the Basics of Importing through U.S. Customs.
  2. Additional assignment - this portion of the lesson study includes reading assignements in the Customs Regulations and introductions to different parts of the Harmonized Tariff.

Numerous Lesson quizzes are supplied to thoroughly test your understanding.

Additional References Needed

If you plan to continue from The Basics of Importing to our CHB Exam Prep to prepare for the U.S. government licensing exam in October 2017, you will want to complete both the Primary and Additional Assignment sections for each lesson. To complete the additional assignments, you will need up-to-date copies of:

1. Customs Regulations (Stock #948-006-00000-6 / Loose-leaf Version dated 2015 with updates), and
2. the Harmonized Tariff Schedules (Stock #__not posted as of 12/30/2016__ Loose-leaf Version dated for 2017 - PRE-ORDER - publication release early 2017).

Items 1 and 2 can be purchased from the Government Printing Office (GPO) online or by calling the GPO at their toll free number 866-512-1800. Request FEDEX to avoid a 4-6 week postal delivery. Since these are government publications, editions may not be available or may be under revision at the time of order.

The Basics of Importing or an equivalent knowledge level is necessary if you are planning to take our CHB Exam Prep course.

Special Note: The "Leaphart Learning Center" works optimally on IBM compatible computers with Internet Explorer 11 or greater.



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