Leaphart + Associates, Inc. offers a strategic path to reach your international career potential. To ensure students receive a course of study to meet their specific requirements, L+A obtains background information from each prospective student through Placement Exams and a Profile. Each student is individually assessed and provided with a recommended study plan.

Our courses range from the BASIC level for the novice in trade and logistics to the advanced professional course for CHB Exam Prep.

We emphasize reading government regulations and bulletins to hone reading comprehension skills required by professionals who are trade specialist.

We provide problem solving opportunities, which require both conceptual and analytical thinking.

Our advanced course is demanding. Individuals must have a strong foundation before meeting the rigorous challenges of exam preparation. We do not recommend this course of study unless you have sufficient background and ability to meet the demands.

Individuals with a strong Customs regulatory background agree that our 10 week CHB Exam Prep course is the leader in advanced Customs training and exam preparation. We cater to those individuals who have the essential expertise and are ready to confirm their professionalism with the Customs Broker license.

We emphasize, not only what you need to know to pass the exam, but also what you need to know to be an outstanding working professional in your field.

Because of the breathe and depth of Customs and international trade knowledge you will acquire, you will command the respect of your peers and employers.

You will be a recognized Customs expert, who is connected to a larger community of professionals and who continuously seeks to be at the forefront of the profession.
In other words, you will ultimately be more than just a licensed Customs broker.

To determine the most appropriate study program for you, please complete the profile and placement test. We will assess your unique background, experience and goals, and recommend the optimum study plan.

We will gladly mentor L+A Student and Teaching Associates regarding their career goals.



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