CHB Exam Prep Class - Fall 2020

Instructor:  Renata Pearson

June 6, 2020 – October 8, 2020 (dates to be posted soon)
Saturday Classes: 10am - 6pm
Weekly Monday Conference Calls: 6pm -  9pm
Location: Park Pointe Hotel, 245 S. Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080

CHB Exam Prep builds the professional expertise level that highly motivated, industry experienced individuals need to successfully pass the U.S. Customs Brokers Examination.

Renata Pearson conducts the CHB Exam Prep Class as a Socratic seminar, where asking and answering questions stimulates your critical thinking capability and draws out ideas and underlying presumptions.  You will learn proper methodology for reading government publications to locate the hidden nuggets buried deep within the Customs Regulations and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. You will then learn how to apply those nuggets to complex trade situations.
Learn how to rapidly find regulatory cites during group dialogue and build personal confidence required to pass the Customs Brokers Exam so you can become a Licensed Import Compliance Specialist.
Become empowered. Make the commitment to advance your future.


  • 123 Hours of Instruction
  • 1 Material Setup & Reading Prep Review Concall (2 hrs)
  • - Material Setup concall takes place 1 week before the course begins to get you geared up & ready for class.
    - Must have your Regs & HTS in hand from GPO
  • 10 Saturday Classes (8 hrs each - 80 hrs)
  • 10 Weekly Monday Concalls (3 hrs each - 30 hrs)
  • 1 Final Exam & Review Session (11 hrs)
  • Throughout the course you will receive many Specialty Handouts only available through Leaphart + Associates.
  • Plus! Individual Post Exam Review
  • Plus! Access to CHB Exam Prep eCourse for 6 months. Access issued prior to start of class.
  • Contact us for a "Guest Pass" to the "CHB Exam Prep eCourse"
  • Contact Renata Pearson for Class Info: Phone - 650.888.3070 or Email -

REGISTRATION is OPEN! - CHB Exam Prep Class - FALL 2020. - Dead-line: Friday, May 22, 2020


Words of encouragement from Renata:

As a licensed Customs Broker since 1991, I am very passionate about our industry and believe strongly in facilitating the advancement of individuals wanting to obtain their Federal CHB credentials. My goal in giving back to the industry is to provide students with the best education possible and to position them for success with the CHB exam and success in their future career endeavors.

I promise you will learn more than you ever thought possible and I will help guide you each step of the way as you strive to achieve your goal of becoming a Licensed Customs Broker.

ADDITIONAL REFERENCE MATERIALS and SUPPLIES must be purchased separately.

Tentative Fall 2020 Class Shopping List: Regs, HTS, 19 USC, and Other Supplies - Fall 2020 list to be posted updated as soon as more information is available.

The government and legal publications may not be available or may be under revision at the time of order. You cannot begin serious study without these professional reference books.

CHB EXAM PREP Course Pre-Requisites:

The U.S. Customs Licensing Exam is a difficult, professional examination. To succeed, you will need a comprehensive knowledge of the import process, terminology, complete knowledge of the Customs Regulations, and an ability to reference the Harmonized Tariff to classify commodities as outlined in the General Notes and General Rules of Interpretation. Individuals have 3 minutes, on average, to answer each of 80 questions.

If you completed our introductory course, The Basics of Importing or have had equivalent import training and work frequently with the Regulations and the General Notes of the Harmonized Tariff, you're ready to study for the government licensing exam (Find out what you know. Take our FREE placement quiz!). Our CHB Exam Prep course promises you an arduous and challenging adventure. Your success will depend upon your initiative, your stamina and your self-confidence.

This study course is ONLY recommended for those individuals who have a college level English language reading ability. English language proficiency is essential to your success as a broker and for achieving a passing grade on the exam. It is recommended that students who lack this level of reading ability complete a college level English course before considering this program. Alternatively for Non-Native English-speaking students, we recommend that you obtain the score of 550 on a paper-based TOEFL or 213 on a computer-based TOEFL.



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